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yum beef! What is
Why watch thousands or even millions of videos when you can watch 5 great videos hand picked by our staff?

What if I want to see a previous playlist?
You go here.

When do playlists switch over?
Every night at Midnight EST.

Suggestions? Comments?
Fuck you.
But on a serious note just email me: Someguy9 -at-

More? Here is some social crap!
Dula TV Blog (Dula TV feature updates and stuff like that) Youtube (For our original content) Twitter (For new playlist updates) Facebook (For LuLz)
Chat History (The he said she said.)

We've shown 3105 different videos over 3675 days.
That means 3675 playlists with 0.84489795918367 videos each.

We made it with Luck!
A Little something by Andy and James
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