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Missing Cat… Not Friendly!

Idiot thinks a possum is a missing cat.

What We Do At Dula

Maybe we’ll have 5 or 6 a day!

Religion Meets Evolution

Somethings can just be confusing.

Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru Action Figures!

Finally a action figure for Uncle Own and Aunt Beru from Star Wars to reenact your favorite scenes.

Frosted Douche

2nd coolest man alive.

Other Means of Payment


You maybe Badass, but you will never be 2 lion slaying badass.

Yoda T

A terrible accident occurred. The awesomeness of Mr. T. and Yoda was concentrated into a fight, and god turned them into one so everyone could win! Yes! You win!

Whose more noble? this or Andy’s “Spent” picture in his last posting? Vote on the Comments!


We all need down time.

Dog Man Found in Local Subway

Beware of the dog men running around the city.

Awesome Squirt Gun Collection

Every kid’s dream

I present Mike Litoris

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