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The Jesus Diagram

diagram jesus

I Fucking Love This Stick!

i fucking love this stick

I Has Feets :)

i has feets

Battleship, For Men Only

battleship men only
Women, Know Your Place!


rage o lantern


halt hammerzeit

Free T-Shirt… Awesome Deal!

Check that out, a FREE t-shirt inside!

How To Wake Your Roommate Up

How to wake your roommate up

Ya, There Probably Isn’t a Need for a U-Haul

guy carrying a fridge from trunk

Skeptical Hippo…

Skeptical Hippo
is Skeptical.

Happy Stove is Happy

happy stove is happy

4chan Pizza Win!

So 4chan ordered the balloon boy some pizza and it actually appears in the news!
4chan falcon ballon boy pizza

4chan falcon ballon boy papa johns

“Girls Only” Cleaning Cart

girls only cleaning trolley

Family Guy Then and Now

family guy then and now

I Fucked Your Mom!

I Fucked Your Mom
Go home dad… you’re drunk

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