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Frosted Douche

2nd coolest man alive.

Other Means of Payment


You maybe Badass, but you will never be 2 lion slaying badass.

Yoda T

A terrible accident occurred. The awesomeness of Mr. T. and Yoda was concentrated into a fight, and god turned them into one so everyone could win! Yes! You win!

Whose more noble? this or Andy’s “Spent” picture in his last posting? Vote on the Comments!

Added a Submit Link Feature

Right next to about us there is a submit link feature. Not really pretty right now but it gets the job done. Submit a link and see if your video makes it on the playlist!


We all need down time.

Dog Man Found in Local Subway

Beware of the dog men running around the city.

Awesome Squirt Gun Collection

Every kid’s dream

I present Mike Litoris

100 Video Shown on Dula TV!

We have had a total of 100 videosĀ  on Dula! Over the coarse of 20 playlists… can’t wait until we get 100 playlists!

Upcoming Features Next Week 9/18

Currently we are working on the ability for users to rate the current playlist and we be able to use this data to make new playlists such as “most popular videos”, ect and use these in later playlists.

Dula Site Features 9/18

Changes include a list of the videos currently showing, a field showing how many users are online, and statistics about the site.

Welcome to the Dula TV blog

Decided to make a blog on Dula to showcase some of the new features on the site or just to give updates on anythign going down on the site. If you want to watch videos, go back to the Real Site.

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