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Did Someone Blink?

Aw, That’s a Sick Tattoo!

Yea, bro it means “strength”

Nice Legs…

Be Nice to Fat People

One day they might save your life.

The Asshole Diagram

Asshole Diagram

What makes you a Perv, Jock, Musician or asshole, now I see why so many people are in bands.

April 20th…

Hitler was born on it, columbine happened on it. But we still gonna get high on it.

Also the moron who made this can’t spell.

Clark Kent is a Pussy

Not So Superman

Superman’s friends must think he is a pussy always leaving at the sight of danger

Idea via Philip Berard

Mother of the Year

mother of the year basket kid

No better place than a basket for your child.

Who Needs Drugs?

No seriously, I have drugs.

Gravity Sucks

Alternatively you can rename this ‘no fat chicks in the chain of friendship’.

You Can Shave This Baby

Apparently you can shave this baby

Hold Up Playa, I’m an Anteater

Rewards of the Atheist

Jesus Condom

And you thought you had a terrible name.

Sponge Robert

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