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I Ain’t Afraid of no Ghost

Only Real Men Grow Condoms

Best of the Week 1/3

The best of this week includes some of UP remixed, a dog barf, and some idiots using their car to skate on a road.

Disney’s up in a awesome remix song form.

There’s nothing like losing control of your car.

And no list would be complete without a dog screwing another dog and puking.

Yellow Plastic Sign on Board

Hello Kidney

The World According to Americans

Ikea Job Interview

Hairless Bear

Everyone should see a hairless bear at one point in their life

Never Save an Owl

Remember to Leggo your Eggo

If You Ever Get Mauled By A Bear…

I hope they stay away from your face, because I think you’re cute.

Apparently this is a Facebook Bumper sticker as Philip points out, thus very lame. Also this picture got Kelly Schallhorn very mad, which I am sorry for. Overall just not the best posting of a picture ever.

Guide to Combined Table Cutlery

Spork, Knork, Spife, Splayd, it’s all here

SUV Owners just get Smarter and Smarter

This Boy is Ugly

Apparently the teacher doesn’t know the right answer, now I know why the public school system is in such shambles.

What Atheists Cry Out During Sex

What Atheists Cry Out During Sex

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