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Black Kid’s Computer Desk

black kids computer desk
Target is just getting way too out of hand

This Picture Will Explode Your Mind

this picture will explode your mind

Mario’s Wardrobe

Marios wardrobe

Google “Chase Bank Logo”

chase logo google
Seems totally reasonable for a swastika to show up. Try Googling it yourself!

Google is Becoming Brutally Honest

disadvantages of marriage


(head crab reference from half-life)

Mustache Selector

mustache selector

Best of the Week 12/13

First we’ll start with how everyone feels about being late for work.

What if women were as horny as men in our world… well someone made a video for that.

Lastly is this kickass guy playing what is love in a chicken suit… I probably played this video about 50 times (seriously).

Vist With Santa

vist with santa
Misspelled on both sides, couldn’t they get it right on one side (assuming they were out of letters).


irony car on fire
When life imitates art.

Respawned LOL

respawn lol jesus

Best of the Week 12/6

Every week we’re going to start picking a few videos we feel were the best of the week. Starting this week! (obviously) so here are a few that we thought were worth checking out.

First we’ll start with the “We got that B roll“, and to think I thought B roll didn’t get any better then this.

Next is a neat optical illusion with a dragon that stares at you.

and lastly you can never forget about The Onion, sadly to many college kids are getting stoked

And that’s it, let us know what you think, or if you though a different video should have been chosen.

Oh Chicken Strip, You So Crazy

Oh Chicken Strip You So Crazy

Sharks with Human Teeth

sharks with human teeth

Red & Blue Don’t Make Orange!

Red Blue Don't Make Orange

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