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Fag Buys Music

fag buys music

Commas Save Lives

Commas save lives!

If I Have Sex While Pregnant Can my Baby Get Pregnant?

babys baby pregnant

How Pumpkin Pie is Made

how pumpkin pie is made

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nothing is Expensive These Days

Nothing is Expensive these Days

Statuary Rape (Literally)

Statuary Rape

Cat on Door Fail

cat on door fail

Broc Obama

broc obama

Dog, Get Down From There!

dog get down from there you are not a telephone technician
You are not a telephone technician, and you don’t have any tools!

I Fucking Love Sandwiches!

i fucking love sandwiches

Super Racist Album

racist album

Ten Little Nigger Tunes… who made this!

Origami for Beginners

Origami for Beginners

Lambo Doors…

lambo doors are lame

Hank Hill is the Mack Daddy

hank hill pimp

Get Kicked in the Dick

get kicked in the dick

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