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  • Amanda-Lynn

    Made My day, Honestly (:

  • gdf

    This made me feel realy good inside

    i dunno why

  • roflmao

    OMG that is hilarious

  • awesome

    … why is that so heartwarming?

  • Anonymous

    haha from 4chan

  • playing your pokemans

  • sean

    I love you.

  • Asskickerfairy

    Raichu…. epic… just epic…

  • Anonymous

    Rules 1 & 2 newfag.

  • Anonymous

    Only fag fags use stupid ass terms like new and old fag

  • Kelly

    i agree, that was oddly heartwarming. probably because i actually got that.

  • Not Gonna Raichu A Love Song…

    Aah, poke-puns. You never fail to make me pee my pants

  • 4chan has dumbed me down, i read that as “im not gonna a love song” (like a bottle) then a random picture of raichu

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